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Impera Park Cakovice, object L, Prague, Czech Republic

Industrial parks are not necessarily known for their architectural highlights. But Impera Park Čakovice, located just outside Prague, shows things can be different. The modern commercial space covers 40,000 m². During the recent renovation, care was taken to adapt the area to today’s requirements - with greening and energy saving measures.

Perfect: RECKLI 2/32 Inn

Particularly noteworthy: KŠ PREFA’s HalaSystem - reinforced, self-supporting sandwich walls - was used for the construction of the building, which also minimises energy costs. On the facade: Our structural formliner 2/32 Inn from the RECKLI SELECT series. Architect Andrey Golovashev chose a vertically running wooden structure, which not only provides a nice counterpoint to the other smooth concrete elements, but also brings a natural look to the facade. The concrete elements were cast in KŠ PREFA’s precast plant using our formliners, which were produced with a great deal of handcrafting expertise as usual.

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