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Memorial, Warsaw, Poland

At the Warsaw veterans’ center, a concrete memorial with special applications pays tribute to the soldiers of the Polish army that have lost their lives while serving abroad.  

Informing, teaching and honoring memories: these are the goals of the Warsaw veterans’ center for deployment outside the national border. Since 2014, a memorial wall directly adjacent to the building pays tribute to the soldiers of the Polish army killed while serving abroad. 

The memorial consists of a sculpture designed by sculptor Maciej Aleksandrowicz and a memorial wall planned by design studio KAPS Architekci. The wall is fifteen meters long and four meters high. It is finished with four eagles, the insignia of the Republic of Poland’s four armed forces: army, air force, marines and special forces. The precast concrete elements feature plaques with the names of fallen soldiers. 

In order to apply the relief to the concrete surface, the experts at the precast concrete plant Klinika Betonu carved the four eagles into models. RECKLI used these models to pour custom formliners with RECKLI’s A55 elastomer. The motifs were separated into partial sections, with RECKLI delivering 9 formliners to the precast plant. Klinika Betonu then poured the precast concrete elements using the RECKLI formliners. In total, 60 square meters of exposed concrete were produced. 

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