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Örtelplatz Bus Station, Munich, Germany

The bus station at Örtelplatz in Munich provides the new development area of Munich-Allach an important traffic anchor point with a bus station, an S-Bahn station, a bicycle parking lot, a cab stand, a parking lot for cars, and a large underground garage with ride parking. The architects at POOL LEBER ARCHITEKTEN were commissioned to integrate all these elements into an architecturally appealing design. Striking green glazing and exposed concrete now characterise the look of the new bus station. 

The architects opted for textured exposed concrete elements for the parapet. The 2/98 Moldau design from the RECKLI SELECT series was used here - a fantasy structure with a linear texture whose fluting of varying width and depth runs parallel to one another. Reckli supplied a total of 29 matrices, some of which were sloped in height and thus individually cut to size. 

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