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Office Building, Gliwice, Poland

Advertising agency FUX in Gliwice isn’t just creative when it comes to its clients. Its new office building also has a special look. 

When your business is all about creativity, why not get creative with your company headquarters? That’s what the owners of Polish advertising agency FUX thought when they commissioned their new office building. Completed in 2016, this new build has a special concrete façade. 

The façade is a curtain construction with GRFC precast elements. The architects at interurban also opted for this construction inside. The concrete elements are of the highest quality exposed concrete and were designed using a texture from the RECKLI SELECT range. 

The texture 2/174 Breisgau was used, which embossed angular diamonds into the concrete, making it look like perforated metal sheeting. Precast plant KROE used 15 formliners to design 300 square meters of concrete for the building’s interior and exterior. Finally, the surfaces were treated to protect them from the elements. 

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