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Office Building, Olsztyn, Poland

A pattern from the SELECT Reckli series lends an office building in Olsztyn, Poland that special something.

You could easily mistake the office building in Olsztyn, Poland for a further structure made of glass and concrete - were it not for the unusual concrete façade. Completed in 2019, the building features symmetrically curving lines that give the façade a wave-like texture.

This design in question is the fantasy pattern 1/174 Gascogne, one of more than 200 designs from the SELECT series from Reckli. The façade was created using just 9 single square meter molds: The elastic pattern inserts were used by the experts at the Polish precast concrete plant Concreate to imprint the structure into the concrete while manufacturing the precast concrete elements. Following that, the concrete surface was sealed using the surface protector RECKLI OS: It protects the concrete surface against damages due to water and severe weather.

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