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Résidence Boulevard Davout, Paris, France

71 social housing units, 3 kindergartens, 1 library, 1 club room, 1 underground car park. The Davout Lagny block of flats has also been expanded as part of the urban renewal project at Porte de Montreuil in Paris. Architect Bernard Bühler – no stranger to social housing – was responsible for the redesign. His concept: a lot of green space, clear demarcation from public space and only moderate densification of the existing area, on which three residential buildings already existed. 

The heart of the residential complex

The new buildings were arranged in such a way that – in combination with the existing ones – they create a green island inside the residential complex. This green area invites residents to take a stroll and relax. But the children from the surrounding kindergartens can also enjoy nature and the environment there in a protected environment.

The golden thread: RECKLI 2/151 Gironde

The binding thread of the residential complex is a concrete structure formed using textured formliners from the RECKLI SELECT Series 2/151 Gironde. And which can be seen almost everywhere on the facade. This not only draws the individual buildings together visually, but also separates them from the surrounding urban space. This texture, which is a bit reminiscent of crumpled paper, runs through the block of flats over a total of 1500 m2 – and in connection with the golden colour is one of the visual highlights of the complex. To ensure that the structure does not change too quickly, the fair-faced concrete was treated with KEIM Concretal-Lasur to protect it.

The architect’s signature

Another highlight: the yellow balconies and window elements on the facade. Combined with the golden textured concrete, they give the building complex its very own character. And that is ultimately what distinguishes Bernard Bühler’s work: All of his projects thrive on the bold use of bold colours. The Davout Lagny block of flats in the 20th arrondissement is something that truly stands out.

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