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Residence Quai d`Austerlitz, Paris, France

In the 13th Arrondissement of Paris is the Fulton Block, a project by architect Bernard Bühler that is definitely worth seeing. Located on the Quai d'Austerlitz, on the corner of Rue Fulton and Rue Bellièvre, the complex consists of 87 social housing units, 2 shops on the ground floor, an underground car park with 30 spaces and a garden in the heart of the property.

Livening up the facade: RECKLI 2/151 Gironde

Two elements in particular attract the viewer’s attention in this project: On the one hand, the spacious balconies made of dichroic glass, whose colour changes between blue, yellow and green depending on the viewing angle - and gives the residents more privacy. And on the other hand, the concrete base, which stands in beautiful contrast to the two 11-storey residential towers towering above it. Our textured matrix 2/151 Gironde from the RECKLI SELECT series also played a big part. It enlivens the 800 m2 facade with an excitingly irregular texture. The concrete elements produced for this project were created in the precast plant by Jousselin Préfabrication. 

Overlooking the Seine

The Fulton Block is spectacular for residents and passers-by alike. From the outside it surprises with its textured facade and the play of colours from the dichroic glass on the balconies. From there, as a resident, you not only see the garden between the two residential towers, but also the nearby River Seine. Designed by Bernard Bühler, the view and appearance are quite impressive in the truest sense of the word.

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