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Residential Building, Beijing, China

An apartment block for government employees in Beijing stands out with its unique brickwork look.

The “Workers’ Revolving Housing Project” in a suburb of Beijing is intended to provide new living space for civil servants. Construction began in 2017, and the building was designed by the Beijing Institute of Architectural Design. 

The façade is a curtain structure with precast concrete elements. The façade panels were given a unique brickwork finish with RECKLI formliners. In total, 500 square meters of formliner were used - of which 14 large-format and 16 corner formliners - so that all the details of the façade design could be brought to life. 

The formliners were used at the Beijing Yantong Building Components precast plant. In total, 23,500 square meters of class C40 concrete were produced.

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