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Shopping Mall, Turin, Italy

The latest fashion inside, a nature reference outside: RECKLI products helped provide the façade of the Ipercoop shopping mall with a near-natural look.

Fine veins run through the concrete of the Ipercoop shopping mall in Collegno on the outskirts of Turin. The look is reminiscent of the leaves of plants and appears throughout the building – from the base to the windows and façade cladding. 

The shopping mall was designed by the Italian engineering firm Promo.Ge.Co which specializes in industrial architecture. The specialists decide to use formliners to achieve this unique look. 

They therefore ordered the RECKLI two-component synthetic resin PUR-Elastomer A55 (no longer available, now PUR Elastomer A60). They used this to produce an elastic formliner that forms the individual pattern in concrete. At the precast plant Cemental Spa, the formliners were inserted into the forming system and the concrete parts were cast. 

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