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Tetmajera Villas, Krakow, Poland

The district of Bronowice lies at the western edge of Krakow and was once the favourite suburban village for the Young Poland artists. Today the area mainly features single-family houses. Situated on a hill on Tetmajera Street with a view of Krakow are the so-called Tetmajera Villas. The two semi-detached houses planned by LK & PROJEKT and carried out by the URBA Group house a total of four flats, each with a generous 184 m2 spread over three floors. The special thing about these houses is that they were built using Mabudo Rapid® technology with three-layer Mabudo Robust® walls.

Tradition meets avant-garde

Mabudo Robust® walls - popularly known as sandwich walls - consist of a 6-8 cm thick facade layer, 8-24 cm thick insulation and an inner 10-20 cm thick structural layer. Using Mabudo Rapid® technology, the precast concrete wall elements are connected by means of prefabricated, 7 cm thick filigree slabs. Reinforcement is placed on the laid slabs and a 13 cm high concrete layer is poured on site. The precast concrete elements also include two-floor staircases and foundations. Only the foundations were poured on site, the rest of the elements were created in the prefabrication plant at Mabudo.

Creative facade design: RECKLI 2/236 California

The facade on the ground floor was also created with precast elements. Inspired by Young Poland art, the architects chose our 2/236 California structural matrix from the RECKLI SELECT series. It is characterised by a geometric ribbed structure with a linear course. The ribs are triangular in shape, tapering towards the top and pierced by bevelled channels. The production of the total of 17 structural matrices of 2.40 x 1.00 metres was carried out in the RECKLI factory with a lot of manual work and skill by our experienced employees. As a contrast to the textured concrete, the facades of the two upper floors are smooth. And the results clearly show: The two Tetmajera Villas skilfully combine uncompromising architecture, innovative construction and modern, energy-saving technology.

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