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When using exposed concrete in the public sphere, it is important to take practical aspects such as slip resistance into account. US Formliner formliners guarantee functionality while allowing room for individual design ideas.

In wet and slippery conditions, working outside can quickly become a challenge. In order to avoid unwanted slick areas on paths and steps, a ranking system has been defined for ground slabs used in public areas. 


US Formliner offers various options for the production of ground slabs. Functional formliners create flat concrete surfaces with round, semi-circle or pyramid caps to guarantee a rank of slip resistance of 11 to 13.

Additionally, ground slabs can be produced using the WetCast model, which produces especially durable and long-lasting forms. These slabs will not erode, even after frequent use. The WetCast system also offers plenty of design freedom. Logos, pictographs, writing and even photos can be added to the slabs. This kind of designed slab is ideal for use in landscape gardening, where they can provide a real design feature.


If you need results fast, the Stoneliner can press a structured pattern into the concrete like a stamp. The Stoneliner works with very stiff concrete, which is poured into the form then compacted with the press. The stiffer consistency of the concrete means it’s stable enough to be removed immediately after pressing. The form is then ready for further use immediately.

US Formliner has the right product for non-slip ground slabs-for paths, gardens, or steps for any design requirements, time, and budget.