Separating agents guarantee the safe and residue-free solution of formwork from reinforced concrete or models. During the production of replicas, you will work without any discolorations on the surface of the original.


Gypsum Release Agent GTM

A watery ready-to-use removal agent for plaster molds from elastic synthetic forms, it reduces the formation of bubbles on the plaster surface. Later…

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Mold Wax

A ready-to-use release agent for mold making, it ensures a safe release effect when using two-component resins on polyurethane or epoxy-resin bases.…

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RECKLI Stripping Aid K

RECKLI Stripping Aid K is a liquid, solvent-based wax combination with slightly greasy additives. It is used to improve the release properties of…

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Stripping Wax TL

A ready-to-use concrete removal agent to apply to US Formliner formliners and solvent resistant, absorbing casing bases. It does not cause any…

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Stripping Wax TL-Eco

RECKLI Stripping Wax TL-Eco is a high-quality, dilute, demoulding agent from renewable material, specially developed for RECKLI formliners. The…

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Stripping Wax TL-W

A watery, ready-to-use concrete removal agent, it is suitable for use with US Formliner formliners as well as non-absorbent casing bases. It protects…

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