The proper tool is the best prerequisite for a superb result. RECKLI has a range of tools particularly suitable for the processing of RECKLI products.


RECKLI Formliner Knife

Rugged, handy knife with stationary blade for cutting RECKLI Formliners 2/(...).

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RECKLI Mixing Pail

Solid plastic pail with two handles for a permanent action. Available in sizes of 40-L-content and 75-L-content.

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RECKLI Spiral Stirrer

Suitable for electric drilling maschines, for mixing liquid or pasty material.

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RECKLI-Profile Knife

Profiled knife for later cutting of single-piece moulds made of elastic silicones or polyurethanes, profile leads to a matching effect.

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Contains: Formliner knife, Serrated Trowel, Spiral Stirrer, Grinding Disk.

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Toothed Smoother

The RECKLI Toothed Smoother is a tool for the uniform application of materials in paste or fluid form. The sheet size is 14x28cm, the tooth depth is…

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