Conquering the World from Herne

The history of RECKLI started in 1968 with the idea of forming concrete both aesthetically and economically. 50 years later, the RECKLI name stands for freedom of design in shaping concrete.


Hans-Jürgen Wiemers and Franz Ernst founded the company RECKLI K.G. on 15. August 1968. Wiemers and Co. in Recklinghausen. Their idea: They want to structure concrete with the help of elastic formliners. Since then, RECKLI formliners stands for aesthetics, individuality and economic efficiency.


RECKLI’s first production halls emerge in Herne.  Since production levels continuously rise, it continues to be expanded until today.


RECKLI starts to export to the Middle East and ships the first formliner to Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.


The company establishes its first branch in France. Liquid synthetics are shipped soon as well, to produce the formliners directly on site.


RECKLI purchases the French competitor SOCECO and has since been established as RECKLI France in Paris . From then on, France develops into an important and innovative market for structured concrete.


Thanks to the introduced photo-engraving technology, images are transferred on to board material in a computer-supported process through a milling technique, into which the formliner is then cast. An especially attractive referential object is the extension building of the University Paul Sabatier in Toulouse.


Dr. Bernd Trompeter becomes a member of management and directs RECKLI jointly with the long-term managing director Horst Kosjak for the following years.

RECKLI includes the staining product NAWTONE in its product range. Concrete surfaces can now be colorfully designed with this new innovative coating system. Because the surface structure remains intact, the treated surface shines in numerous colorful nuances and is given more visual depth at the same time.


The French designer Romain Taieb designs 12 new patterns for RECKLI, that pick up on modern design trends.


Dr. Bernd Trompeter assumes a sole management position. 

The reworked and newly designed formliner catalog showcases the 250 standard patterns that RECKLI offers worldwide. 

The façade design of the Jan Cremer Museum in Enschede becomes the core cell for a new product development: RECKLI includes 3D formliners in its catalog.


The subsidiary company US Formliner is founded in Atlanta, USA.


The subsidiary company RECKLI Middle East commences operations in Sharja, United Arab Emirates.

58 designs are added to the database of the visualization software BIM. Architects can now already visually experience the RECKLI patterns during their initial planning on the computer. 

RECKLI revamps the service website Following the relaunch, architects and owner-builders can discover a precast plant in their proximity with just a few clicks. The operators of the plants can register on the site for free and upload photos of reference objects.

Introduction of RECKLI artico®. Foils printed with surface retarders enable a pinpoint washing out of concrete. That way, nearly any design can be applied to the concrete. Artico® was distinguished with the special award of the German Design Awards.

In cooperation with the photovoltaics specialists Heliatek, the first test plant for solar concrete is commissioned in China. RECKLI collaborates with Heliatek on the integrating organic solar modules in building façades.  A trial setup at the plant in Herne is planned for 2015. 

RECKLI publishes the first edition of its in-house magazine FORMLINER.


The RECKLI product artico® is awarded the special mention special award of the German Design Award. 

The first edition of the in-house magazine FORMLINER wins the silver award of the Architects’ Darling Award at the Celler Werktag.  

In Herne, the trial setup of a solar module in the building façade is inducted.


RECKLI employs 93 staff members in Germany. The company is active in around 100 countries, with its own staff and exclusive partners in 64.

In addition to more than 200 standard formliners RECKLI produces formliners according to customer’s desires and also ships 3D- and photo-engraved formliners as well as artico® photo-concrete-foil to design exposed concrete surfaces in internal and external areas. Moreover, the product range encompasses high-quality surface refiners such as retarders, deactivators and acidification products, impregnation and protective systems as well as staining products to colorfully design surfaces, 

The reworked and newly designed formliner catalog showcases the 200 standard patterns that RECKLI offers worldwide. 

RECKLI receives the Innovation Award Concrete at the Betonwerksteintagen International event for its research project on solar concrete.


The procurement of the new 5-axle mill means that extremely complex 3D objects can now be created in the workshop. These can be used as templates to cast even more challenging and extremely detailed formliners.

The new management system is introduced at factory 3. The employee orientation system brings the RECKLI corporate design onto the factory floor.

RECKLI delivers the largest order of liquid resin to date to a studio near Hamburg, where a special project is in progress for Mercedes Benz under the strictest secrecy: the car manufacturer is building an original model from 1979 in synthetic resin in honor of their new G class. Over 8,892 hours of work and 40,708 liters of synthetic resin go into creating a 52-ton amber cube. From Hamburg, it makes its way to the International Auto Show in Detroit, where it is a complete success.


RECKLI celebrates 50 years. In its 50th anniversary year, the company looks back at healthy growth and innovative products. The company celebrates their success over the last five decades with partners and employees at a gala in September. 

RECKLI continues to grow. The expansion of the hall in factory 2 creates additional capacity for the production of custom shapes. 

The range of products also continues to expand: new products are introduced in the Nevado texture and artico®. The new coated plastic foils facilitate the easily and effective transfer of images and graphics onto concrete: using surface retarders, the motifs are applied onto the concrete and the treated areas are precisely washed. 

The redesign and modernization of the corporate identity pays off. RECKLI’s main catalog, the Patternbook, and the second edition of the in-house magazine FORMLINER are awarded the German Brand Award for exceptional branding. 

The third edition of the RECKLI FORMLINER magazine is published. The magazine focuses on the topic of change and takes a look at the exciting world of architectural concrete in reports and case studies.


RECKLI introduces the sub-brands Concrete Formliners and Precision Chemicals. Concrete Formliners offers all the products you need for designing architectural concrete - from textured formliners to surface protection. Concrete Formliners differentiates between three different textured formliner lines: ‘SELECT’ is our collection of more than 250 versatile concrete texture designs. ‘UNIQUE’ realizes custom ideas for outstanding façades. ‘VISUALS’ transfers photos and graphics onto concrete. Precision Chemicals comprises the high-quality chemical products produced by RECKLI for use in construction, mold production and modelling. 

The introduction of these two sub-brands entails clear branding: Concrete Formliners is black and white while Precision Chemicals sports a green and white colorway. The new brand communication is established with the relaunch of the RECKLI website in October 2019. 

There’s another reason to celebrate this fall: RECKLI was awarded with an Architects’ Darling Award for the fifth time. RECKLI won first prize for best reference for the second year in a row: the façade of the Norra Tornen residential towers in Stockholm won the jury over.


Concrete Formliners

Three series for freedom of design in shaping concrete: 'SELECT' is a collection of versatile concrete textures with more than 250 designs. 'VISUALS' transfers photos and graphics onto concrete. 'UNIQUE' realizes custom wishes for sophisticated façade designs.

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Precision Chemicals

Polyurethanes, silicones and epoxides have proven their worth in restoration work and mold making. The products allow delicate patterns to be reproduced that are true to detail. The production is conducted with solid or jacket forms.

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