Concrete Formliners

Three series for freedom of design in shaping concrete: 'SELECT' is a collection of versatile concrete textures with more than 250 designs. 'VISUALS' transfers photos and graphics onto concrete. 'UNIQUE' realizes custom wishes for sophisticated façade designs. US Formliner offers surface retarder for washing the concrete surface, forms for the production of artificial stone and surface protection for the impregnation of concrete.


US Formliner offers you freedom of design thanks to our 200+ designs: Stone and rock patterns, brickwork, wood, plaster, oriental, abstract and anti-slip-patterns, rib and wave patterns, and broken rib effects are among the designs from which you can choose. 

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The perfect and economic solution for individual design ideas or restorations. The US Formliner mold making joinery manufactures the molds according to the customer’s wishes on to which the formliner is cast. 

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Two technologies, two effects: Photo-engraving matrices transfer photos to the facade and 3D matrices enable three-dimensional representations.

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Surface retarder

Washed out concrete surfaces combine a unique look and surface feel with skid resistance. Deactivators and acidification products shape washed concrete in a positive and negative process.

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Artificial Stone

US Formliner offers forms for the design and production of artificial stone. As well as standard patterning on concrete slabs, the WetCast system also makes it possible to design with text, pictograms or photos. The Stoneliner acts like a stamp to press textures into concrete, which can then be immediately removed from the form.

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Surface protection

Colorless impregnations

RECKLI OS-D, OS-HO and OS-Premium are suited for the UV-resistant impregnation of fresh concrete. They chemically bind with the top layer, without changing the pattern or coloring.

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RECKLI OS-Intensive and OS-W impregnate processed and absorbent surfaces. Their UV-resistant film has a matt and velvety shine, which intensifies the coloring of the concrete surface.

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Graffix prevents a permeation of color into the concrete surface and guarantees permanent graffiti protection. The Graffix Cleaner washes graffiti off, without attacking the impregnation.

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Floral patterns, bamboo effects, text, screenshots from a film: RECKLI textured formliners bring any idea you can think of, to your façade. Our application reports shed light on the varied design opportunities using practical examples, as well as highlighting cost efficiency.

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Manufacturing process

Producing RECKLI textured formliners follows a simple principle: in the beginning, there is inspiration. Design freedom knows no bounds, from shaping an existing surface or creating a custom design. From a simple hand-drawn sketch to an existing CAD file, from the shape of the mudflats to a texture designed on a computer, we’ll gladly make any design a reality.

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Formliners guarantee excellent results and economical application. An overview of the factors that impact prices and example calculations.

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