The RECKLI Formula

The RECKLI formula symbolizes our self-image. Their content is a guideline and orientation for all of us. That is how we want to work!

1. We are open to the world

RECKLI is a global company. People from over 70 nations work for us. We treat each other the same, regardless of gender, age, religion, sexual orientation, ethnicity, education or rank. Discrimination is not tolerated.

2. Here, you are a person

For RECKLI, respect is the top priority. We treat each other as equals, respect each other and communicate constructively and with appreciation.

3. We are RECKLI

We are a team - and only together can we be successful. Everyone is important; we need each other, work together, never turn a blind eye, and help each other. We think and act beyond departmental boundaries. Everyone takes responsibility.

4. We are straight talkers

We live and love communication. We speak to each other as equals, give feedback and aren’t scared of controversial topics. We give criticism openly, professionally and constructively. Mistakes happen, but we want to learn from them.

5. We are everything, apart from standard

Our products are as unique as our team. We at RECKLI help produce unique concrete objects. We have high standards when it comes to quality, precision, know-how and service. We work carefully and purposefully to keep our leading position on the market.

6. We work safely

RECKLI protects its staff and takes measures to keep the team healthy. All of us minimize hazards, use available opportunities, keep an eye on ourselves and others, and suggest ways to improve working conditions.

7. We move forward

The world is changing. We rise to the challenge and carry on developing. We invest in our staff and in our company. We educate ourselves and pass on years of RECKLI know-how. We are open to new technologies, aim to be trend setters and blaze new trails.

8. We have the future in our sights

Long-term success is the only kind that counts. Since 1968! We use our materials carefully and avoid waste. This reduces costs and protects the environment. Fair, healthy relationships with customers and partners are important.

9. Here, the chemistry’s right

At RECKLI, we don’t just work together, we live together. From the boss to the intern. We integrate new employees into our RECKLI family, are interested in each other, celebrate together and help each other, even after work hours.

10. Our attitude makes the difference

We think positively and value what we have. Our success makes us proud. We think outside the box and love new innovations. And even though we’re professionals: we also laugh a lot! That’s RECKLI.

Jobs & Careers

RECKLI as an Employer

Our employees are at the core of our company. We are convinced that well trained, satisfied employees are committed and make sound decisions. That is why, at RECKLI, we place great value on the selection, management and development of our employees.

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