Specialists for Architectural Concrete

For over 50 years, RECKLI has stood for custom façade design using architectural concrete. Architects and planners all around the world trust us as a manufacturer of reusable, elastic formliners. RECKLI formliners combine aesthetics, individuality and design.

Our line of high-quality chemical products is ideal for use in façade design, repairs, molds and model construction as well as creative applications. Developed in our in-house lab, we guarantee the highest quality and simple application.

You can use RECKLI formliners to give your exposed concrete façade a unique look. There’s no limit to your creativity. The combination of the latest machine technology and traditional craftsmanship allows unique textures, graphics, photos or three-dimensional visualizations to be realized in concrete. RECKLI also offers over 200 ready-made designs for fantasy, stone and masonry, wood, plaster, corrugated and waved textures as well as functional textured formliners. High-quality surface finishes such as concrete retarders, concrete activators, photo foils, impregnations and protection systems, as well as products to dye the finished surface, expand the product range and make us specialists in textured concrete.


The Products

There’s 50 years of research and development in our products. As well as our finished textured formliners, we also offer products for your own use. Polyurethane, silicone, epoxides and fillers to shape, model or seal, as well as RECKLI accessories, are used by our customers worldwide on a daily basis. And they all meet strict quality standards.

Our Customers

As well as large construction firms and the prefabricated concrete industry, customers from various exciting industries trust in our products. Renowned producers in the ceramics industry have been using RECKLI forms in their production processes for many years. Over 5,000 designers, artists, restorers, stuccoers and model builders as well as private craftspeople use our products, such as model building silicone and epoxy resin.

Service and Branches

RECKLI experts support you in your project: technicians, model builders, joiners, draftsmen, lab technicians and concrete technicians are on duty for our customers worldwide. 120 employees work at our headquarters in Herne. In Germany, we have technicians and project consultants in each region to competently support our customers. RECKLI is represented in 65 countries worldwide. Our experience, creativity and product standards make us the first point of contact for textured formliners to produce architectural concrete to the highest design and quality standards.

We look forward to working on your project!


Global megatrends such as climate change, digitalisation, urbanisation and the strengthening of human rights are leading to a fundamental transformation in business models and processes. We keep an eye on trends and innovations, such as 3D printing, climate-neutral cement and new work, and evaluate them with internal and external experts.

Our Sustainability Report takes stock of our activities to date and provides an overview of all the relevant topics with a focus on society, the environment, employees, business partners and compliance.

You can find RECKLI's sustainability report here:


Concrete Formliners

Three series for freedom of design in shaping concrete: 'SELECT' is a collection of versatile concrete textures with more than 250 designs. 'VISUALS' transfers photos and graphics onto concrete. 'UNIQUE' realizes custom wishes for sophisticated façade designs.

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Precision Chemicals

Polyurethanes, silicones and epoxides have proven their worth in restoration work and mold making. The products allow delicate patterns to be reproduced that are true to detail. The production is conducted with solid or jacket forms.

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