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Quartier des Halles, Morges, Switzerland

The project

The new Quartier des Halles is being built along a former railway wasteland in Morges, Switzerland - designed as a central meeting point for travellers, students, employees and residents of all generations. The new area is intended to offer high-quality living space to more than a thousand residents, supported by a wide range of shopping options, varied restaurants and public facilities such as a daycare center and a health center.

The implementation

The dense urban ensemble consists of an elongated building overlooking the railway tracks and an urban block facing the Place de la Gare. This square has been redesigned and opens onto a new pedestrian passage, forming a continuous public space. The new district is well connected to public transport and has been designated a car-free zone to create space for gentle mobility. Each of the three buildings has its own identity and fits harmoniously into the neighbourhood.

The textured matrix

The compactness of the three building facades also contributes to the definition of a complex, textured urban space. In addition to patterned metal sheets, our 1/42 Madeira textured matrix from the RECKLI SELECT series was used for the project. On 5,000 m 2 - for which 40 textured matrices were used - our corrugated iron roof-shaped rib structure now creates a varied play of light and shadow depending on the time of day.