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Residential building with studio apartment, Unterägeri, Switzerland

The project

In Unterägeri, a remarkable new construction project rises: a double-family house with a studio apartment, designed by Laffranchi Architektur AG. This building combines modern design principles with an inviting residential atmosphere and becomes a true eye-catcher with its unique facade structure. Architect Sandro Laffranchi explains: "Based on the client's requirements and legislation, a volume has been created that architecturally plays with the contrasts of solidity and lightness. With the choice of materials, we wanted to further develop this tension."

The implementation

The project was realized with precision and high quality, thanks to the expertise of Gebrüder Hodel AG from Baar and the precast concrete supply from STEINAG ROZLOCH AG from Stansstad. The concrete facade was designed with a total of 65 sqm of RECKLI's 2/74 URAL formliner to ensure a continuous, natural aesthetic.

The formliner

The 2/74 URAL formliner used for this project creates an impressive wood board texture on the concrete. This texture brings the beauty of nature into play, giving the facade a warm, organic appearance. As a result, the building is harmoniously integrated into the surrounding landscape while creating an inviting and cozy living environment. Laffranchi adds: "It was important to me that no structural protective measures against weathering were needed for the facade on the 1st floor, which a wooden facade would have required. Additionally, the formliner ensures a continuous pattern even after multiple formwork applications, unlike wooden formwork."

This project impressively demonstrates how RECKLI's formliners can achieve special aesthetic and functional results not only in large public or commercial projects but also in residential construction.