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Siemens Healthineers GmbH Education & Development Center, Erlangen, Germany

The Project

At the heart of the Siemens Healthineers Education & Development Center in Erlangen, modern architecture meets functional elegance. SCOPE Architekten GmbH created an impressive structure that stands out for its innovative design and distinctive façade. This expansion of the existing training center combines a dynamic learning environment with the presentation of the product portfolio and the tangible identity of the MedTech company.

The Implementation

Zuber Beton GmbH was responsible for the façade implementation, with precise execution being crucial for the unique design. The innovative white concrete precast elements were realized with a custom-made ribbed structure from RECKLI, giving the building its distinctive appearance. The clear and structured exterior harmoniously blends with the surrounding buildings while making a bold statement. The large-scale louver structure is interspersed with glass surfaces, creating a dynamic sense of openness and transparency.

The Formliner

A specially crafted ribbed structure with a depth of 15 cm was used. While RECKLI offers a variety of ribbed structures in the RECKLI Select series, they are passionate about developing customized solutions to meet the specific needs of architects and builders. Check out here for more information.

Education and Sustainability

The center accommodates up to 240 trainees and dual students, actively addressing the predicted skills shortage. This commitment to sustainability is also reflected in the project’s construction, which adheres to the latest building standards and has been awarded the “LEED Gold” sustainability certificate.