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University of Birmingham, Dubai, UAE

The Project

At the heart of Dubai International Academic City, the largest education hub in the Middle East, lies the first international campus of the University of Birmingham. Designed by Hopkins Architects, the 45,520 square meter building is tailored to adapt to rapidly changing learning environments. It includes a multipurpose lecture hall, a library, an auditorium, general teaching areas, wet, dry, and engineering labs, as well as student support areas, all designed for maximum flexibility.

The Implementation

The crescent-shaped building pays homage to the historic Aston Webb Building of the University in England while appropriately responding to the local context. The university complex is engineered for Dubai's challenging climate, comprising 50 percent solid wood and featuring customized sun protection for all windows and glass facades. Adjustable angles provide outward views while reducing solar heat gain and power consumption. Additionally, the entire building is equipped with smart technology, including a room booking system that responds to daily usage data, enabling further energy savings.

The Formliner

The origins of the University of Birmingham are most evident in the facade, where precast concrete elements reflect the original red brick campus in England in form, structure, and materiality. Utilized across a total of 8,000 square meters are individually crafted formliner from our RECKLI UNIQUE series. They ensure that the university's heritage is preserved even in Dubai, over 5,500 kilometers away, while maintaining a modern aesthetic for the building's exterior.