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Wasit Youth Center, Al Sweihat Sharjah, United Arab Emirates

The project

The Wasit Youth Center, which opened in 2008, underwent extensive renovation in 2018. The project's vision was to transform the building into a cultural center and a place of activity and interaction, offering young people a wide range of opportunities in literature and languages, science and technology, entrepreneurship, art, and sports.


At the beginning of the project, the responsible architects from TRI Design Dubai asked themselves a crucial question: What points of contact exist between the building and its surroundings? Three were ultimately identified - the fence, the facade, and the space in between - which also formed the basis for the new design. A new fence was installed to create a stronger visual connection with the neighborhood. Additionally, an open space in front of the building provides room for social and cultural activities for the city.

The facade

The facade, also the third point of contact, was completely redesigned. For this purpose, they used RECKLI artico® neo. This process allows photos, images, custom designs, and graphics to be reproduced on exposed concrete. For the Wasit Youth Center, the architects chose a three-dimensional facade covering a total of 755 m², following the existing window pattern - and conveying lightness and dynamism through the playful structure.