Application Reports

US Formliner formliners can be used in a wide range of areas. We introduce building projects from a wide range of fields to show how projects benefit from the use of US Formliner products.


Using structure formliners on façades opens up unlimited design opportunities to architects and planners. You can imitate other construction materials or economically implement unique ideas.

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A wall can be much more than just a border or separator. US Formliner formliners ensure a special aesthetic, and can accurately imitate other construction materials. They can be used on both small and large projects.

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Noise barriers

The goal is to muffle noise, the aesthetic is anything but quiet: When building noise barriers, the combination of using US Formliner formliners and special concrete guarantees the desired effect and adds an interesting design element.

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When building bridges, many factors must be considered - and these can quickly eat into your budget. The use of formliners can be a great value alternative.

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Ground slabs

When using exposed concrete in the public sphere, it is important to take practical aspects such as slip resistance into account. US Formliner formliners guarantee functionality while allowing room for individual design ideas.

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