Always on the move: Lutz Hammer is the most important contact person at RECKLI in matters of marketing both internally and externally. He manages the company’s image on all channels and is also active politically on top of that.

Lectures, trade fairs, meetings, phonecalls, emails - Lutz is really always in a hurry. Yet he nevertheless always has a funny anecdote ready. Without this joviality his job would probably be a lot more challenging: As Head of Marketing, all communication lines come together with Lutz. 

Since 2012, he has been juggling numerous tasks and his list seems to grow continuously. Whenever Lutz thinks an idea is exciting, he does not like to drop the ball on it. “We are always quite euphoric and push several projects ahead at the same time,” he says. His day is appropriately packed: He takes care of the public image with adverts, advertising materials and social media, supports 65 national branches and coordinates the preparation of around 100 trade fairs that RECKLI attends worldwide. And then there are also his special projects: In 2015, the internal magazine FORMLINER was born, in 2016 the catalog and the website were thoroughly revamped. 

The fact that Lutz has a spontaneous reply to nearly all requests, stems from his beginnings at RECKLI. As a student, he produced advertisement brochures from 2002 to 2006 with the in-house print- and binding-machine. While the machine spat out the copies, Lutz used the waiting time and studies technical memo sheets. Since years, he has known the names of all patterns and the mixture ratio for elastomers and mould-making resins off the bat. In 2007, the decided in favor of a training as an Industrial Management Assistant at RECKLI. Subsequently, Lutz worked as a specialist in Sales before he switched to Distribution and Marketing. 

In addition, he has been active politically for years, initially in the youth organisation of the SPD and in the Council and Committee sessions by now. On top of that, he has recently become a member of the supervisory board of a municipal business in Herne. RECKLI provides him with the time to fulfill his tasks and gives him free reign in terms of time management. “Without that trust, I would have had to have severely restricted my political commitment or even given it up entirely”, he says. That way, Lutz juggles politics next to his job and family - and still has an anecdote to spare in the end.

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