1/245 Nevada


uses Dimensions (mm) order number
100- -
505000 × 1000 F 1245
105000 × 1000 T 1245

    100-timer formliners are supplied in an individual dimension within the maximum indicated dimensions.

    The specified widths of the 10-timer and 50-timer formliners are a fixed dimension and ensure the continuity of the structure in the case of linear patterns. The longitudinal direction of the pattern is variable and can be ordered from 1 m up to the maximum dimension in 10 cm steps.


    Fire station, Ingelheim, Germany

    Ribs, broken ribs and wave patterns lend a building either lightness or solidity. They can pick up the existing lines of a structures part and give it additional contours. They enable straight-lined and esthetic pattern directions and can be realized chipped and broken, horizontally, vertically and diagonally. When applied to noise insulation walls, ribs and waves can enlarge the surface and combined with the correct concrete even contribute to higher noise absorption levels.

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