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Fire station, Ingelheim, Germany

The new fire station in Ingelheim sets a local benchmark for sustainability.  The facade exudes calm and clarity and its use of structured exposed concrete gives the facade design a beautiful, complex and innovative feel. 

The design of the new building was undertaken by Braunger Wörtz Architekten GmbH.
The facade design used sandwich elements: built exterior walls comprising an internal reinforced concrete shell, core insulation and a reinforced concrete cover shell designed using a horizontal formliner.

The architects opted for a rib structure from the RECKLI SELECT series to give the sandwich elements a special look. The 1/245 Nevada design has clear, vertical ribs which, despite their varied width and arrangement, give a sense of calm to the facade design.  Two formliner sized 3m x 1m and 3.5m x 1m were used for a usable area of 130 m². 

After stripping the formwork, the external walls were acidified with our surface protector to create a warm beige, sandy look and connect the building to the region.  

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