2/163 Fraser


uses Dimensions (mm) order number
100992 × 9650 C 2163
501000 × 6000 F 2163
10- -

    100-timer formliners are supplied in an individual dimension within the maximum indicated dimensions.

    The specified widths of the 10-timer and 50-timer formliners are a fixed dimension and ensure the continuity of the structure in the case of linear patterns. The longitudinal direction of the pattern is variable and can be ordered from 1 m up to the maximum dimension in 10 cm steps.


    Central Library, Calgary, Canada
    Nobu Hotel, London, England
    Grenswerk, Venlo, Netherlands
    Bluewaters, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
    Residential complex, Singapore

    Wood-textured formliners provide a natural look without the need for high maintenance. They combine aesthetics and economy. Wooden textures are based on imprints from nature and reflect all of nature’s facets: fine and chunky grains, bamboo and reeds, aged boards, freshly sawn wood. Altmühl gives concrete a subtle texture while remaining reserved. Offset aged boards create a look that’s wild, urban and stylish all at the same time.

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