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AL-KO, Kötz, Germany

The Bavarian company AL-KO rose up from a small fitter’s shop to an internationally successful machine builder. A new brand appearance expressed the transformation. An important component of this: the modern technology center.

With 85 years of experience on the market and 50 branches worldwide, the Bavarian machine builder ranks among the leading suppliers of vehicle technology and gardening devices. Following years of growth and expansion, the company’s management decided to tear down the old plant at the Kötz site, to make room for a modern and spacious new structure. The new building accommodates the management, workshop and service on 3,600 square meters.

In 2008, the Ott architects in Augsburg started planning the new building and in the summer of 2009, RECKLI was contacted. It was clear at that point that the building was meant to have a customized façade.

A special shape was chosen which was inspired by nature: blades of grass lend a light, natural look to the façade. To provide sufficient variety, the architects decided in favor of four different designs. RECKLI then supplied four formliners, which allowed the creation of 35 concrete elements. Subsequently, the patterned concrete was coated on the approximately 100-square meter large façade surface. The finish in cream white lets the elevations and depressions of the grass pattern emerge more intensely and reinforces the light, dynamic effect of the façade.

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