Products at a glance: The RECKLI Patternbook

8 product classes, over 200 concrete patterns, 5 languages: The new RECKLI pattern book is attractive, user-friendly and informative.

This year, the main RECKLI catalog includes a new look and updated content. It also has a new name: The pattern book combines information about all RECKLI products for surface design, surface protection and mould making. It’s available in English, German, French, Spanish and Italian. This new publication sees the new corporate design rolled out in one of the most important media for RECKLI.

The pattern book introduces all formliner categories, including optical effects, and the production processes behind the forms. The measurements are also listed for each of the over 200 concrete patterns. The pattern book also informs readers about surface protection products, such as impregnation and graffiti protection, as well as the elastomers and resins offered by RECKLI for mould making.

User-friendly elements such as a quick-finder and a mixture of white and green paper inside the book make navigation easier. The book’s jacket completes the high-quality print production with a special feature: the cover itself is a pattern that makes the pattern book tactile to the touch. The 2/702 EQUAL pattern designed by Matthias Hohmann has been added to the collection. The cover pattern is designed by a different artist for each issue, and is available as a formliner on request.

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